Our 2018 Edition welcomed the fabulous Marlo Fisken, Evgeny Greshilov & Pink Puma for a crazy week ! Our instructors for the 2019 Edition will be announced soon… Stay tuned !


Polina Volchek aka Pink Puma

Pink Puma is a teacher, dancer and acrobat used to perform in the most famous circus shows for over 20 years.

Graduated in Master of Sports, she’s a hardworker, practicing danse, rythmical gymnastic and circus arts like aerial hoop since she’s a child. In 2011, she discovers pole dance, her new favorite way of expression. She becomes quickly one of the best pole dancer on the planet, promoting pole sport as well as pole art, alone or with her stage partner Dimitry Politov.

As an experienced dancer and performer, she will teach you creatives and thematics contemporary pole classes.

Winner of World Pole Sport & Pole Art Championship – Double Elite (Holland, 2017)
Runner-Up of World Pole Sport Championship – Women Elite (Holland, 2017)
Winner of “Miss Pole Dance America 2015” (Nashville, TN)
Ultimate Champion, Pole Fit & Pole Art Champion at “Pole Stars Championship” (Kuala Lumpur; 2014)
Runner-Up and “Best Entertainer” award winner on “World Pole Dance Championship” (London; 2014)
Pole Fit Champion and 3rd Place Winner of International Pole Championship (Singapore; 2013)
3rd Places on World Pole Sport Championships (London; 2012, 2013)
American Pole Fitness Champion (New York, NY; 2012)
Winner of Russian Pole Dance and Fitness Competitions (Moscow; 2012)
Triple Champion of Russia in Rhythmic Gymnastics (2002)
Winner and prize holder of “Volga’s Fairy” International Tournaments in Rhythmic Gymnastics (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia; 2001-2002)

Evgeny Greshilov

Evgeny is a pioneer of male pole fitness, who helped a lot improving the image of this sport to a large audience. Russian athlete, acrobat, choreographer and photographer, Evgeny is a multitalented man. After a successfull career in pole dance as a competitor and a triple World Pole Champion title since 2010, he’s now travelling the world to teach pole fitness and contemporary pole. He’s the founder and co-owner of the Open Dance Academy, a digital learning plateform dedicated to dance and pole.

During the camp, Evgeny will teach you his favourite contemporary routines and will give you all the tips to build true artistic performances.

Winner Pole Art 2013 (Helsinki, Finland)
Winner World Pole Sport & Fitness Championship + Best Tricks & Best Entertainer (Budapest, Hungary, 2011)
Winner Aerial Pole International (Bern, Switzerland, 2011)
Winner Russian Pole National Championship (Russia, 2010)

Marlo Fisken

Marlo’s entire life is about movement: since she was a child, she studying and practicing dance (contemporary, ballet, jazz, hip hop, african, Caribbean, arabic…). She quickly turns this passion into a career, and starts teaching all over the world. Graduated in fitness, she has a deep interest for the body and keeps exploring all the potential of movement and body expression.

In 2011, she discovers pole dance, that becomes a new tool to move with. She creates her own style called “Flow Movement”, that she will be teaching you during our camp, along with her philosophy and knowledge of the human body, through innovative exercices and choreo.

Winner Aerial Pole International 2011

Several times US National Pole Champion